A place that I have always enjoyed visiting is Las Vegas as there are many different activities to do there. One of my favorite things to do while there is to simply walk on the strip and check out the awesome free entertainment. There are also shows that you can see and in this post I will link you to some of the most awesome activities that you can do while enjoying this awesome city.


Another awesome thing to do while in Las Vegas is go exploring outside of the city and check out the different ghost towns around. If you happen to enjoy driving you can drive to the Grand Canyon in Arizona or even Roswell, New Mexico and drive to the extraterrestrial highway. Las Vegas is also really close to Los Angeles and that means you can visit Hollywood.

Compared to many other U.S. cities, Las Vegas ranks as one of the lowest priced places to visit and here’s the catch. The casino industry has cut a deal with airliners and even hotel companies to encourage travelers to come visit. If you visit for the vacation and¬† are frugal, Las Vegas is the best destination. Below we have some awesome links to get a flight.

If you would like to simply take it easy and take a few tours around the City, there are plenty of tours that you take. Some of these tours have hotel pickup and some are at night.

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